For nearly two decades I have created and prepared natural perfumes and perfumed body oils, lotions, incense and candles. Over the years the demand for my products grew, so that in 2005 I launched my full-time business, located in San Diego, selling naturally and spiritually inspired products to the public.


I use these core, natural ingredients because I firmly believe in, and wish to share, the purity, luxury and beauty of flowers and plants in their natural form without the use of synthetics. The natural scents and other qualities of these products react differently to each person in that each natural scent uniquely attunes itself to each wearer. Therefore, as the customer, you will have a personal scent experience derived from the interaction of the natural scent with your body chemistry  - a feat that mass-produced, synthetic products cannot achieve.


In fact, as a wearer of natural scents, you will embark upon a perfumed journey that originates with an imaginative story of inspiration. That story may be the fantasy of a Polynesian sojourn, or a soulful journey over the Himalayas with their colorful abundance of native flora. In addition, each product’s scent has, at its heart, rare tropical flowers and plants. This means that for the whole creative process of my naturally perfumed products, I utilize not only my sense of smell, but the other four senses of sight, hearing taste and touch, as well as the omniscient sixth sense to bring you an exceptional natural scent experience.


I will continue to strive for greater quality for my products and am continually building upon my already extensive knowledge of perfume production, chemistry, botany and herbal lore so as to enable all customers to define their own natural essences and be their unique selves!




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