Creating your own custom perfume can be a delightful experience and dates back to the beginning of time.  Working with you, Kyle Brandon Leite will create a unique scent that will both entice and inspire you.  Kyle begins your perfume’s creation by deciphering notes that specifically appeal to you.


With the purchase of a Custom Perfume you will receive a One-Two Hour Phone Consultation in reference to the creation of your personal blend, as well as to answer any questions or concerns. From this point you will be asked a few questions in reference to the scents that you have an affinity with.  Kyle then enhances the blend using your specific notes as key notes, to bring balance and harmony to your perfume’s odor.  You will receive Four Small Test Samples of your blend, each marked numerically. Which then we further examine and alter to your specifications, to produce in eau de toilette and extrait form. After you will receive an Approval Sample. If any adjustments are needed they can be made.


After you are satisfied with your blend, it is then created into an 2 OZ. Eau de Toilette Atomizer and 10 ml Extrait/Parfum (other bottle options are available). Your Specific Personal Recipe is kept on record for further purchases, as well as changes.  Kyle uses only the finest essential oils, isolates, cO2 extractions, essences, concretes, and flower absolutes.


Please allow up to three-four weeks for Completed Personal Perfume, this time includes the shipping time of the Test Samples, Approval Sample, and Completed Perfume.


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