Psychic Readings with Firewolf

Kyle Brandon Leite, also known as Firewolf, is a Certified Psychic through the School of Theology and has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies in missing person’s cases, as well as giving lectures and seminars on the Science of Witchcraft, Working with the Spirit World, Psychic Self-Defense, Psychic Evolution all across the United States. Types of readings and services available: 

Tarot Reading - Stone Reading - Spirit Reading - Past Life Regressions - Angel Reading - Psychic Diagnosis - Animal Communication - Spirit Guides - Witch Stone Readings - Tea Leaf

50.00 USD

Psychic Readings with Firewolf are not timed, but estimate to last about a half hour. Please call after purchase is made to schedule your appointment. Most appointments can be scheduled immediately or same day, depending on availability.

In-Person Psychic Consultations 

In person readings are available to Oahu, Hawaii Residents.  Please feel free call us at (619-757-0795) or email us for more information and pricing.


Firewolf offers in-person consultations and workshops at many local venues in Oahu, Hawaii.  For upcoming event CLICK HERE!


We have Daily Specials for Psychic Consultations as well as "Magickal Candle Burning Services" please call us at (619) 757-0795 for more information.