Our Magickal Incense is  prepared, hand-blended, and blessed! Please choose from the list below to order one of our incense blends or feel free to call or email us for custom inquiries. Like all of our products, each incense blend is created during magickal timing. Each incense blend is made according to ancient and traditional recipes, with organically grown roots, herbs, resins, and flower, plus magickal potion blends to add a little extra magick. Firewolf's Incense is made with self-lighting powder incense, the use of a charcoal briquette is recommended. You may want to add your own favorite herbs and/or a few drops of your favorite essential oils to add a your very own personal touch.  Each bag contains 3-4 ounces of our magick blends. For Custom Incense inquiries and prices, please email us or call us at (619)757-0795.