For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion, some would call “obsession,” with the Botanical world. As a Witch, I have been introduced to many plants and flowers with rich and deep histories, lore and applications; both medicinal and spiritual. For the past year I have focused much of my time and personal research on exotic plants and flowers.


One of my goals as a spiritual worker and beginner botanist is to preserve the ancient traditions of our ancestors and even if that means growing the plant myself. With that said, I would like to introduce “Adam and Eve in Olio D’amore.” (Adam and Eve Root in Oil of Love.) Adam and Eve Root in Olio D’Amore was created with the nose of perfumer and the mind and heart of a Witch. I wanted this perfume oil to be created with both feminine and masculine, love drawing herbs, flowers, and barks. 


I created a Perfume Oil Blend that has enough integrity to “keep” these enchanting roots, preserving their beauty and mystical power. Adam and Eve Root in Olio D’Amore is a Perfume Oil Blend with a floral top note of orchid and rose absolute, melted beneath a mysterious middle note of sparkling white jasmine absolute and sweet labdanum. 


A few drops of velvety ylang ylang and golden frankincense, blended with smooth Almond Oil, finishes this perfume oil with a powdery, yet enchanting aroma.  In the bottom of each bottle sits a pair of 100% Genuine Adam and Eve Roots which has infused the blended “Oil of Love” with it’s magick and power. When you are finished with this large 2oz bottle, the Adam and Eve Root can be dried and kept for later use.


Adam and Eve Root in Olio D’Amore is worn directly on the skin as a perfume. Not intended for consumption - Do not eat or Drink! Contains only 100% Pure Essential Oils, Natural Oils and Organic Adam and Eve Root/Putty Root.


Includes Genuine Adam and Eve Root (Alpectrum Hyemale)

Due to the rarity of these roots, quantity is limited -While Supplies Last.


For availability inquiries please call us at 619-757-0795 or email us!

Adam and Eve Root in Olio D’Amore By Firewolf - PRIVATE COLLECTION


65.00 USD

Adam and Eve Root in Olio D’Amore is a spiritual oil blend worn directly on the skin. In the bottom of each bottle sits a pair of 100% Genuine Adam and Eve Roots. Due to the rarity of these roots, quantity is limited. While Supplies Last. It will arrive in a 2 Ounce Glass Bottle.




The Adam and Eve Root or Putty Root (Alpectrum Hyemale) is an endangered species in the orchid family. The Adam and Eve Roots (Putty Root - Alpectrum Hyemale) used in these blends have been obtained from a private organic grower.


Being endangered, it is unethical and illegal to harvest the Adam and Eve Root in the wild (wild crafting). I hesitated the possible release of this delightful perfume, until I addressed the issue with the Department of Agriculture, who in clear response encourages the growing of endangered species, removing ethical and legal infraction, this also increasing the chance of the plant’s survival.


This magickal and mysterious root, often resembling the male and female organs, is believed amongst Witches and Rootworkers’ to be an amulet employed in attracting the “perfect” lover and to entice your lover towards commitment. In the form of Conjure Oil or Dressing Oil, the Adam and Eve Root can be employed in a multitude of spiritual workings, mostly associated with LOVE, MARRIAGE and REUNITING LOST LOVE.


I was once told that this root could be employed in magick either one of two ways.


1.) The Adam and Eve Root was steeped in oil and kept in a tightly sealed bottle, later to be used for anointing purposes.


2.) The Adam and Eve Root was allowed to dry, soaked in pure rose oil and later kept on one’s mantle with other amulets and charms.




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