In the Witches' Tradition, the Goddess is seen in many variations, but her main association being the Mother of Life. In many cultures, she is seen as having three aspects, each defined and honored in the Witches Yearly Calendar, called the Wheel of the Year, see Witches’ Festivals. As the first aspect, the Young Maiden, she rules over wild places. She is free from responsibility and frolics through the wilderness. As the Goddess of the Moon, she is honored by Witches, for the moon is a sacred catalyst of our magick. As the second aspect, the Mother, she rules fertility, abundance and growth. She is the immortal Queen of Life that cradles the children of Earth. Her very essence can be found within nature and we as Witches we strive to find balance with her. Finally, as the third aspect, the Crone, she is the Queen of the Night, filled with wisdom and magick. She is the counselor and seer, to where Witches go, for guidance and solutions. The Goddess is the female aspect of divinity, bringing life, growth, and protection to all who call Her, by any name.


Image: Mother goddess seated between two leopards. 

From Catal Huyuk, an Anatolian settlement; Turkey.  c.7250-6700 bce.


In the Witches Tradition, the God, like the Goddess, has many aspects and variations. The God is seen as the lover, child, and consort to the Goddess. His yearly growth, death, and rebirth is illustrated by the Witches Solar Festivals. He is seen as having two aspects in most neo-pagan traditions. In the modern Wiccan tradition, he is seen as the Holly King (the Waxing God) from Winter to Summer, and as the Oak King (the Waning God) from Summer to Winter. In our Witches Tradition, originating in the Southeastern Mediterranean region, he is seen in two aspects also, one as the Golden Wolf (the Descending Sun God) from Summer to Winter, and the Silver Stag (the young and wild hunter who is chased by the Maiden Goddess) from Winter to Summer.


Image: The "Cernunnos" type antlered figure on the Gundestrup Cauldron.



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