Live Video Classes and Workshops via Facetime and Skype with Firewolf. Classes and workshops are scheduled 5-7 business days after purchase and can be held via Facetime, Skype or by Phone. All supplies included for each class/workshop.  After your purchase, class/workshop supplies will be shipped immediately.


All class/workshop supplies are shipped Priority Mail, you will receive the class/workshop supplies 3-4 business after purchase. Classes and workshops time ranges is from 1 ½ - 2 hours. Video recording of classes/workshops is not permitted. Group class/workshop discounts available! Appointments are necessary. For more information on Classes and Workshop Please Call Us at: 619-757-0795 or Email Us.


In-Person & Private Classes are available in the South Florida Area.



In this Workshops class study will cover, Candle Color and Planetary Correspondences, How to use Candles as a Catalyst in Magick, helpful tips in Creating Hand-made Spell Candles, how to add an extra “oomph” to your Candle Magick using Incense and Oils.


Class study will cover, Crystal and Stone Correspondences, How to use Crystals and Stones as Catalyst in Magick and Spells, Crystal Care and Choosing, and how to perform Healing work using Crystals and the Chakras System.


Herbs and Plants, in the past, were used as the only medicines, and it was the midwives and “root doctors” who had the knowledge of the healing powers inherently contained within each plant.  In modern times, improvements in medical technology have caused a great deal of the effectiveness and power of herbs to be overlooked.  In the Witches Tradition, herbs are still used medicinally, as well as potent magickal catalysts in just about all spells and rituals.  Many of us don’t realize that, in our spice cabinets and backyards, we have a powerful agent for both healing and magick.  When many of us look at most herbs and see “weeds,” we miss the magick and overlook the important role herbs have played in our history.  This class covers useful correspondences of Healing Herbs and Plants, how to use Herbs and Roots in both Medicine and Magick, and how to create a Witches’ Conjure Bag.


In this Workshops class study will cover, the History and Basics of Love Magick, Tools used in Love Magick, Gods and Goddesses of Love and Passion, a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf ‘Goddess of Love Meditation’ and some useful Love Magick Tips.


In this workshop class study will cover the history and practice of Magickal Bathing or Ritual Bathing, how to create a magickal bath blend with common everyday ingredients, and simple techniques used to empower your magickal blend with your own personal power. Join us as we explore this ancient form of magick, used for generations to help Heal, Cleanse, Protect, Draw Love, and to Attract money. In this class each participant will be provided helpful handouts, recipes and a 4 Ounce bag of Magickal Bath Ingredients, created by Firewolf.


In this Workshops class study will cover, the History and Basics of Money and Prosperity Magick, Tools used in Money and Prosperity Magick, Gods and Goddesses of Money and Prosperity, a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf ‘Pot of Gold Meditation ‘and some useful Money and Prosperity Magick Tips.


In this Workshops class study will cover, the History and Basics of Protection Magick, Tools used in Protection Magick, Gods and Goddesses of Protection, Simple Psychic Protection, a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf ‘Protection Circle Meditation’ and some useful Protection Magick Tips.


To Witches taught and trained in the ways of our ancestors, magic and science are equal and necessary for our lives, magick, and souls.  The Science of Witchcraft is based on the ability to alter one’s state of consciousness, using brain waves as catalysts for everyday spells and healings.  Like science, witchcraft is a system based on hypothesis that can be tested under controlled conditions.  To Witches, spells and magick are step-by-step experiments that can be analyzed and configured for the desired outcome. With this we can verify our magickal and psychic workings that are to be performed, and find what love potion works the best or what is to be of our future career. We take into account the physical ingredients used, date and time, weather conditions, astrological considerations, and the psychological state, or mood, of the person casting the spell because the experimenter is part of the experiment and, as new physicists can attest, effects the outcome of the experiment. In this class Firewolf will cover the basics of the Science of Woitchcraft and answer questions that may need to have answered on the subject.  This class covers, the usage and basic techniques of the Alpha State of Consciousness, the Light Spectrum and Brain Waves, Simple Psychic Healing, and a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf.


In this workshop class study will cover the History and Basic Techniques of Tea Leaf Readings, how to interpret the symbols, and how to construct a full reading with just one cup of tea. In this class participants will be provided with helpful handouts, as well as a Tea Cup and Saucer and a bag of Psychic Power Tea.


In this Workshops class study will cover, the History of the Magick Mirror, Black Mirror Gazing Techniques and a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf, “Mirror, Mirror, Meditation.” Participants in this class will receive a Small Hand-made Black Mirror, created by Firewolf!

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